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Refer-Share-Repost= Paid
Post a positive video review (minimum length 3 minutes) on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram with on-screen credit to "AuSecours Salon Spa formely Salon DeJuan and Deglamshoppe" and show our web link in description
< 300 views = $10
300+ views = $20
600+ views = $40
900+ views = $80
1200+ views = $100
Post a positive video review (minimum length 1 minute) on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram and tag us (@thesalondejuan #salondejuan #deglamshoppe #freewigsbydejuanandrea ) in description
< 50 likes = $5
50+ likes = $10
100+ likes = $20
200+ likes = $30
400+ likes = $50
Post a positive video review (minimum length 2 minutes) on Facebook, Instagram wall and group with on-screen credit to "" and show our web link in description
< 100 likes = $5
100+ likes = $10
300+ likes = $20
500+ likes = $30
800+ likes = $50
Post a picture review and get paid!
You will earn $5 credit when you post a picture review and tag us on Instagram.
Use keywords @ausecourssalonspa @deglamshoppe  @thesalondejuan #thesalondejuan #salononwheels #ausecourssalonspa


1. Your views can be accumulated through many videos or pictures from the same channel on one product.

2. Also Your cash reward can be applied as store credit for future order on any item over $50. You can also request direct payout through PayPal. once we see your stats.

3. You are welcome to contact us if your likes and views are at social media influencer level. We are constantly seeking collaboration opportunities.

4. Please email us at or message us through our social media accounts to get your cash reward. Please do so within 1 months after your video or picture was posted.

Please include in your email/ message the
following information.

Name :


All Social media link(s):


We reserve all rights to explain or change the terms.


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